HTC U11 Futures & Review

HTC U11 Futures & Review

  • HTC’s new flagship mobile for 2017 is a mixture of renowned One choice as well as the more recent U series apparatus. But can this recipe keep up with the likes of this Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6? Here is our comprehensive review of this squeezable HTC U11. See also: Greatest mobiles for 2017.
  • The name may appear perplexing but HTC is ongoing the numerical string it began using the HTC One M7 and labeling it on the end of this more recently U variety of glass phones. The most important selling point of this HTC U11 is you may compress the sides to execute a variety of tasks.
  • We have compared the HTC U11 and LG G6 in thickness individually. Read about the rumored HTC U12.


  • According to HTC before the launching, the vital design component and one of a kind selling point is that the phone is squeezable. The company calls this attribute ‘Edge Sense’ and it is attained by stress senors on each side of the telephone.
  • It is somewhat akin to iPhone’s 3D Touch along with the concealed pressure sensitive house button on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Read: Galaxy S8 vs HTC U11.
  • They sit on the ground half and imply you are able to do different items by squeezing it instead of using buttons or the screen. What’s clever is that it is possible to fix how much pressure is necessary and also toggle visual, haptic and audio comments.
  • At launch you will be able to do quite a few things for example use it as a camera, launching voice dictation, screenshot, click on the flash lighting, start electronic assistants or programs. An Edge Sense Add-On will permit you to customise the detectors within any program so that you might squeeze to zoom into Google Maps but regrettably the program, even in beta form, will not launch with the telephone.
  • Even though there’s a lot you can do using the Edge Sense, then you can just select two through long or short squeezes. Since the detectors only need pressure to operate, you may utilize Edge Sense using gloves and it must also work with many scenarios, based on HTC.
  • This is not only an attention seeking gimmick but while it is helpful occasionally, it does not feel especially nice or comfortable to work with. We have also discovered the visual feedback emerging while attempting to use programs like Twitter although we had been employing no pressure in any way.
  • Post-launch at September 2017, HTC rolled out beta attributes to the Edge Sense program for U11 users. It enables you to enter particular apps and assign long and short squeezes to particular activities. It includes a brief squeeze for Google Maps to zoom, which works nicely, and you’ll be able to decide on a lengthy run to zoom out, for instance.
  • It is possible to become fairly granular and outcomes are mixed; we place pause and play on YouTube movies but it was in portrait. Switch the phone sideways, and the program simply recalls where on the display you’ve tapped to emulate using a squeeze, so is not smart enough to replicate an activity in this manner.
  • Nonetheless, it reveals HTC attempting to bring everything was look as slightly gimmicky to the long-term utilization of their telephone.
  • Though HTC is merging its old One (we are such as the HTC 10) and newer U ranges collectively with this flagship, the U11 is a lot nearer to the latter concerning design.
  • Rather than those formerly recognizable metal uni-body, the telephone is chiefly made out of glass. The ‘3D liquid surface’ design basically suggests that the glass is moulded with fine curves with the intent of mimicking the surface tension of water.
  • The U11 has this to the trunk and front and whether it seems fine ergonomically in regards to problems.
  • Like any competitions, the glass back cover ensures the phone is slick and falling it will almost surely lead to a portion of your nightmares – it is the sort of phone that comes from your pocket when sitting down. Glass also shows up fingerprints and other marks so that you will feel the necessity to wash it a whole lot.
  • Some colors hide the grubby marks better but all of them suffer with the issue to some degree. The fantastic thing is that there are a number of new choices – Beautiful Silver and Solar Red — that the latter supplying everything from reddish into gold. The good thing is that the Solar Red will not be available at start.
  • The intriguing way that the phone changes color in a pearlescent manner is reached by something known as ‘Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition’ where lots of warmth and pressure imply the colors bond into the glass in layers.
  • Concerning dimensions that the HTC U11 sits between the present U Play and U Ultra, however, is nearer to the bigger version. There are just two important design components to make you conscious of, however.
  • The first is that the exciting thing that HTC has finally caught up and gone watertight so the U11 includes an IP67 rating. It’s possible to completely dip the telephone in around 1m of new water for around half an hour so the bathroom, sink and bath are no more risks. See also: Greatest waterproof phones.
  • The next is that such as the U Ultra, there is no headset jack that is unsatisfactory for many users. Nevertheless, not only does HTC contain a port in the box that can work with just about any USB-C telephone, but it’s an amplifier within it.
  • While that is fine, the matter here is that you can not control the phone and also have headphones connected at precisely the exact same time or use headphones if you don’t remember to select the adapter with you. It is a shame considering there is space for one.


  • Together with the hardware on mobiles hitting on something of a summit quite a very long time past, it is no wonder all of the manufacturers are currently differentiating
  • predominantly with layout. Though it may not be as intriguing as the squezzable layout, the specs available together with all the HTC U11 are fairly top notch.


  • Things start off with a 5.5in display, making the HTC U11 the company’s largest flagship mobile yet. HTC sticks into the Quad HD (1440 x 2560) resolution and LCD5 technology located on the HTC 10 — it is considerably more regular when compared with the more whacky screens on the LG G6 and Galaxy S8.
  • The dimensions growth usually means a fall to 534ppi in comparison to its predecessor but that is hardly a problem. The colors may not be as punchy as AMOLED competitions but you are not likely to be disappointed with the display that’s certainly flagship degree.
    Gorilla Glass 5 is utilized here enjoy the U Ultra but there is no discussion of a Sapphire crystal variant.

Processor and memory

  • HTC mostly uses Qualcomm chips in its own telephones and that is no different here. It is very good to find the newest Snapdragon 835 chipset or ‘cellular platform’ since Qualcomm now calls on it.
  • The octa-core (4x 2.45GHz & 4x 1.9GHz) chip is worthy of almost any 2017 flagship and functionality is as you would expect. As you can observe in the standard outcomes it competes well with competitions. We have just had up it after and it is apparently a one-off.


  • Not much has changed concerning connectivity to the HTC U11 when compared to the HTC 10.
  • The telephone has the selection of hardware you would expect like dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, NFC, Cat16 4G LTE.
  • The sole physical interface is USB-C and once more there is a front-mounted fingerprint scanner that is somewhat small but very accurate and fast.


  • HTC has always aimed to offer you a premium sound experience using its telephones and also the HTC U11 is not any different.
  • Like previous apparatus, the U11 supports Hi-Res 24bit/192kHz playback however there is more. Once more the USonic headphones are able to through sonar, personalise the sound output signal dependent on the shape of your ear canal but now that the included headphones feature active sound cancelling.
  • All these are powered by USB-C and the one method of linking them since there is no headset jack. As stated before, a 3.5millimeter adapter is included in the box and also has a very small amplifier inside.
  • What’s more, HTC proceeds with BoomSound along with the U11 has got the Hi-Fi Edition which unites the older design stereo speakers using the newer Hi-Fi installment located on the HTC 10. This time the company is even utilizing the entire telephone as an acoustic chamber.
  • Aside from the lack of a headset, the HTC U11 is just one of the very best audio telephones around.


  • Like Samsung, matters have not changed a whole lot on the photography front even though the HTC U11 includes a brand new UltraPixel 3 major camera.
  • This still has a 12Mp detector – however with bigger 1.4┬Ám pixels – and also attributes like optical image stabilisation (OIS) and ultra-fast auto focus that is supposedly faster than 0.3 seconds.There’sdual-camera installation here however the aperture has improved to an impressive f/1.7.
  • HTC also touts features like ‘Immediate Snaps’ in which the cameras is continuously focusing so that you may hit the camera whenever you are prepared, and HDR Boost that provides high dynamic range with no lag. We, however, did find it a little slow sometimes – maybe not without focussing but processing every shot.
  • When you are recording video you’ll be able to capture 3D audio through the four mics sprinkled round the telephone and you may also make the most of Acoustic Focus that will prioritise the sound of the individual or theme in a movie if you zoom in.
  • Such as the HTC U Ultra, the front part of the phone houses a 16Mp UltraPixel camera using a 150 degree wide angle lens and an aperture of f/2.0.
  • The Edge Sense attribute we have details seems to come in rather handy with both cameras because you are able to hold the phone obviously in landscape or portrait and take by squeezing instead of simply reaching to an onscreen button.
  • This attribute does work, when we remembered it had been there, but we are not entirely convinced by it. The photograph is shot when you launch the strain and we frequently found this supposed the telephone was shifting, leading to blur.

Battery life

  • Battery life is actually an area of all cellular devices where a breakthrough is required to boost performance. Better chips such as the Snapdragon 835 assist with efficiency but does not get us anywhere close to the week-long performance of elderly, albeit non-smart, handsets.
  • The HTC U11 includes a rather moderate 3000mAh battery capacity that’s just like its predecessor as well as also the U Ultra (which fought to continue a day in our evaluations). You will control the phone via USB-C also it supports Quick Charge that is great but it’s version 3.0 maybe not the newer 4.0.
  • Even though the battery is exactly the same, HTC states that the telephone is 45 percent greater a surfing when compared with the HTC 10, then 30- and 35 percent greater in video and music playback respectively.
  • Though we’ve discovered the HTC U11 can endure over a day, this can be with quite light utilization and the percentage will be reduced in the start of the next moment. This, like virtually every telephone, is one you will want to control every night the majority of the time.


  • Things do not change much from the applications world and nowadays, Android makers have realized individuals like a near inventory encounter instead of something that is too complicated and difficult to learn.
  • Compare HTC’s Sense port to some decades back and you would hardly recognize it. The HTC U11 includes the most recent Android 7.1 Nougat and while the Sense interface clearly has its very own style, it is still recognizable as the Android which Google intended.
  • It is the electronic assistants who are all the rage at the minute using Amazon producing waves with Alexa along with also the excellent Google Assistant. Phone manufacturers are even making their own variations using Samsung Bixby and HTC’s formerly established Sense Partner.
  • Even though the Sense Companion will acquire new attributes in June, for example, smart alerts and smartphone use, that is not anywhere near the huge news here.
  • The important news is that HTC U11 will possess both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and you are able to use both today that the HTC Alexa program is offered in the united kingdom and US. All of the U11 users want to do is download it and register into their Amazon account.
  • The telephone can then behave as a Echo Dot may, together with voice activates able to answer simple commands.
  • In our testing we found it to be adequate, but somewhat slow to recognise that the ‘Alexa’ trigger. It is also not so intuitive to turn off it (you must request it out loud). The U11 will probably be constantly listening to your control through both microphones — additional mobiles require the Alexa program to be launched first.
  • It is great to own, however, you won’t wish to use it in people. It is more convenient if you’ve got it on your bedside table and also wish to put an alarm or tune in to this information.


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