Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Both beauty and the beast, the stunning Note 8 comes with an outstanding characteristic set and functionality that is magnificent. It is costly, but can you really afford not to think about it? Find out exactly what we created of Samsung’s new flagship, which is currently available.


  • Samsung’s Note Samsung was a stunning handset, but the Note 8 is in another league using its Infinity Screen. It is not completely bezel-less, but it is close enough, using a screen-to-body ratio of 83 per cent and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio.
  • In actual terms, there is about a centimetre of framework visible above and below the screen, but the remainder is all immaculately polished and mostly fingerprint-free glass, using a load more room for enjoying games and media, also for working with many programs at the same time.
  • On each side the panel bends right across to the frame border, leaving just a minimum bezel top and bottom in which to house the selfie camera, speaker and various detectors. It is another – and much favored – style to the original ‘bezel-less’ cellphone we watched, the Xiaomi Mi Mix, that has just a bottom bezel and needs you to flip down it to use the bizarrely placed selfie camera.
  • To attain these slender bezels Samsung has eliminated the physical house button, transferring the fingerprint scanner around to the back with all the camera, and integrating a pressure-sensitive house button inside the screen itself.
  • The latter requires a little getting used to, however you always have the option to wake up the telephone utilizing the power button (do not get it confused with all the committed Bixby button, as we frequently did) or popping out the S Pen stylus.
  • Samsung has come a lengthy way from the times of dimpled vinyl covers, and it doesn’t compromise on design.
  • You will have heard all about the ‘awkward’ positioning of the fingerprint scanner around the Galaxy S8, and folks will undoubtedly worry about the fact that this hasn’t altered because of its Note 8. However, while we had one day like to find this functionality embedded to the Note’s panel itself, for now it is not always as bad as you might have heard.
  • The most important concern with the Galaxy S8 was that those reaching for your scanner could unintentionally smudge the camera, but the heart-rate scanner and flash now separate the two and also ensure it is unlikely that this is going to be the situation.
    We discovered reaching for the scanner isn’t too much of a stretch to your finger, and we have immediately got used to it on the Galaxy S8. Naturally there’s also an iris scanner, in the event you need to skip the fingerprint scanner entirely.
  • Despite having so much going on in the back – 2 cameras, a flash, a heart-rate scanner along with a fingerprint detector – it all lies entirely flush with the phone’s framework, and that’s proof of the organization’s meticulous layout. In spite of the inclusion of the Samsung emblem – caked low-key in gray text – it does not seem in all overcrowded here.
  • Our sole criticism from that angle would be that the legal advice slapped on the floor, which will be almost invisible on the Midnight Black alternative if you don’t grab it in the perfect light, but more evident about the Maple Gold variant we saw before the launch.


  • By increasing the area available for your panel Samsung has managed to improve its size. Formerly 5.7in, that is no longer believed enormous to get a smartphone, the Note 8 currently has a 6.3in panel. That is just 0.1in bigger than that about the Galaxy S8+, however there are several other differences like the stylus and dual-camera, also.
  • Additionally, it has added the ideal aspect of a centimetre into the cellphone’s height, and also the most evident difference when seeing the Note 8 alongside the Galaxy S8 is the way much taller is that this handset. Both telephones are thinner than you’d anticipate, given that the curved borders, making them amazingly comfortable to work with in one hand. However, the Note 8 towers across the Galaxy S8.
  • The display has the exact same technologies as Samsung’s Galaxy S collection, using a super-high resolution Quad-HD+ Super AMOLED screen (even though in common with all the Galaxy S8 it is place to full-HD by default to conserve battery life). Many folks prefer the more realistic colors of IPS, but we love the saturated, vibrant colors and deep, rich blacks of AMOLED.
  • It’s not possible to mistake this screen, which can be mad bright in a max 1200 nits (the iPhone 7, by way of instance, is ‘only’ 705 nits), assuring outdoor visibility in most states. In accordance with DisplayMate it is 22 percent more economical than the 1000-nit panel to the Galaxy S8.
  • The Always-On Screen has been improved since its initial implementation in the Notice collection, and not only will you now produce, edit and edit notes on it with the S Pen, however it is possible to configure it to be busy only during particular time intervals. This feature is good for letting you find the time, date and if you have any alarms in a glance, possibly saving battery lifetime since you won’t have to wake up the screen. Additionally, it entails that the pressure-sensitive house button is always on.
  • The program has some features which take advantage of this curved border. A slim white tab is always visible on the right side of the screen, and you just tap this to pull in various fast access choices. By default you are going to have the ability to see your most often used programs and contacts, but you may also change on Edge panels for jobs, clipboard, reminders, apparatus maintenance, weather, fast resources, Samsung internet, sports, finance, smart pick and calendar.

  • Samsung’s two flagship mobile families seem extremely similar, and it is just the excess elevation, squarer edges along with also the dual-camera on the trunk that distinguish the Note 8 in the Galaxy S8. The switches, interfaces and detectors are all in exactly the very same places, though obviously on the bottom right corner of this Note 8 there is also the S Pen stylus, which provided that a tiny tap pops out only enough to allow it to be available but not enough that you may easily lose it.
  • You truly won’t appreciate just how valuable is that this stylus till you’ve attempted it. Harness the button onto its side to start the S Pen menu, which may optionally appear onscreen at all times through a floating pub. You are able to pin up to ten attributes or programs to the menu, providing you with rapid access to the resources you’re most likely to wish to use with the stylus.
  • There are some attributes people might assert are gimmicky, like the brand new Live Chat feature that lets you create and share animated GIFs, but really we love that attribute and so were we able to maintain the handset a bit longer our friends are well and truly fed up with all of the GIFs we had delivered them over WhatsApp
    The stylus is also utilized to draw notes, even if the display is in standby, which may then be immobilized to the Always-on Screen. Together with the display busy popping from the stylus will start Screen Memo, which can currently support up to 100 pages.
    The S Pen may also be used to define only a part of the display before taking a screenshot, as opposed to you cropping it afterwards, and you may add notes directly on top of these screenshots.
  • Bixby Vision is directly integrated with the S Pen, letting you draw over a place of a picture that you need to hunt online for.
  • Samsung says it has improved the strain sensitivity of the S Pen for its Note 8, and elegant the nib – it is only 0.7mm and may recognise 4,096 degrees of pressure. It is not possible for us to compare it to the Note 7 S Pen without you to hand, however in use we could say it feels easy and true, without any lag, friction or other annoyances.


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